Monitoring system at SHPP Lakatnik

Small HPP Lakatnik was built on Iskar river approx. 20 km far from town Svoge and was put into operation in 2008. There is one turboset installed, which consists of horizontal Kaplan "S"- type turbine.

The hydro-power plant has its own SCADA system. The project had as a task to connect our modular multifunctional system to the
existing SCADA system. The main points were to:
• Process and visualize the registered values of the sensors on a user-friendly software;
• Archive and analyze the data;
• Set threshold values for several scenarios;
• Receive notifications for different alerts.

SHPP “Lakatnik”

Installed capacity – 3,20 MW
Net head – 9,80 m
Installed water flow – 36 m3/sec
Type of turbine – S – shaped Kaplan

– Thermometers
– Piezometers
– Extensometer
– Deformeters
– Magnetic inclinometer
– Benchmark
– Water level scale plate
– Water level detector


1 – Turbine channel
2 – Spillways
3 – Earthfill dam
4 – Fish passage

Only several sensors generates multiple entries anywhere at any time!

Achieving remote real time monitoring over user specified time interval anywhere at any time!

The controller collects data from the sensor hubs, processes and analyzes it.

The software is user-friendly and the stored data can be modified to meet any needs.