Monitoring system at hotel Gergana

Hotel "Gergana" in the resort "Albena" is located on the sea beach and is bordering the Batovska River (part of the Baltata Reserve) at its mouth into the Black Sea.

In the second half of June 2014, a torrential rain with intensity up to 80 l/m2 caused multiple floods which affected seriously the hotel at the beach. The flood waters partially destroyed the lobby and the adjacent riverbank and the ground bed under the foundations of one of the buildings of the hotel were washed away.


Our approach of complex engineering distinguished with higher efficiency, lower environmental impact and reduced investment cost.

Installation of a control and measurement monitoring system

– Deformeter
– Inclinometer
– Datalogger


1 – Restoration of the river bank by execution of a sheet pile retaining wall
2 – Restoration, reinforcement and consolidation with jet grouting injections
3 – Erosion protection along the west bank at the hotel side

Data logger – collecting the information from the surrounding sensors and transmitting the received data to server.

Horizontal inclinometer – measuring the tilting in two axes.

Second data logger and vertical inclinometer – positioned in one of the rooms in the affected area.

Deformeters – measuring the size of the cracks.