Monitoring system at HTC Dolno Ezero

The project is located east of the Zlatna Panega village in the municipality of Yablanitza, province of Lovech.
The complex was build in 1927 and the facility was upgraded several times over the years but without being subject to major rehabilitation.

HTC Dolnoto Ezero is a main element of the water supply system Zlatna Panega for drinking and domestic water supply of 13 villages and towns or more than 28 000 people situated in the municipalities of Lukovit, Yablanitza and Cherven Bryag.

The water users of HTC Dolnoto Ezero are:
• ViK AD Lovech (Water and Sanitation Lovech)
• Zlatna Panega Cement AD.

In April 2018 the complex was declared to be in an emergency state due to increased leakages through the dam and failure of the piers and sluice gates in the discharge channel.

The emergency-restoration measures for rehabilitation and improvement of the technical status of the HTC Dolnoto Ezero inlcude:
• Implementation of impervious curtain using Jet grouting along the dam
• Restoration of the monolithicity of the discharge channel
• Reconstruction of the spillway
• Replacement of 3 sluice gates

The complex does not have any kind of monitoring system or specified staff that is responsible for its maintenance and operation.
During the execution of the emergency-restoration works there are going to be installed several monitoring devices with remote reporting system.

– Deformeter
– Inclinometer
– Thermometer


1 – Dam – two stone masonry walls with fill inbetween;
2 – Discharge channel with 2 sluice gates;
3 – Spillway with chute;
4 – Fulling-mill;
5 – Water intake of ViK Lovech;
6 – Pump station of Zlatna Panega Cement AD.